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10+ years empowering businesses with photography and video production


We help businesses engage with their audience through professional video production, photography and podcasting.

Eyes Multimedia is a customer-service oriented video production company serving brands and institutions across Canada with photography, video production, video podcasts and social media marketing strategies. If you're looking for professional content and effective strategies to engage, inform and inspire your audience, we'd love to help.

Here you'll find transparency from budget breakdown to realistic deadlines. With 10+ years in the market and hundreds of clients served along those years, you'll also find the peace of mind that your project will be taken care of from scratch to finish with attention to detail and your satisfaction in mind.

  • Why choose Eyes Multimedia?
    Most of our clients choose us because of the work samples they've seen and because of a referal through word of mouth. For those who never heard of us before, it's usually reasuring to find out that we've been in business for more than 10 years, building a strong reputation for creating high-quality videos and photos at a fair price. We understand that each client has different priorities. For that reason, whatever you're looking for, you'll get a customized quote and a unique approach for each project you require our assistance for. If you trust and allow us to help you, the result will likely be a smooth experience with final results that will make all of us all proud and that will generate great R.O.I. for our brand or your business.
  • Who are our clients?
    We’ve served more than 60 companies across Canada and overseas. These include businesses from various industries, such as education, trades, real estate, finance and technology. Usually, a company has a marketing budget and needs help to create a video marketing strategy and to execute on it with our expertise and resources. We do take on single projects (“one offs”) on a case by case basis.
  • How much does a video cost?
    This is probably the most common question we get and probably what you’d like to know first too. We try to be as straightforward as possible and we’re usually able to give a rough estimate as soon as we know a few details about the project. Our price range is between CAD$650 (real estate listing video) and CAD$40,000 (TV commercial with a full crew, actors and visual effects).
  • How long does it take to get a video done?
    The most common timeline for a project is between 4-8 weeks. This includes 1-3 weeks for planning (pre-production), 1-2 days for filming (production) and 2-4 weeks for editing (post-production). The factors that affect the timeline are the scope of the project, the weather, and the availability and timeliness of feedback from the client.
  • What equipment do we work with?
    We use Canon cameras that have stood the test of time for our team. We use the R5 and R6 for both video and photography. We also have a range of the latest lighting and audio equipment, as well as Ronin gimbles and Rhino sliders.
  • What types of videos do we create?
    With more than 150 videos created in the past year alone, we produce a variety of content for different purposes. Videos about a brand, product or service are a frequently requested type of video, as are customer testimonials, event videos and short content for social media.
  • Do we produce podcasts?
    Absolutely! In fact, we're one of the top podcast production hubs in Canada and we specialize in video podcasts. Video podcasts offer one major advantage over audio-only podcasts: the opportunity to be transformed into short-form video for your social media feeds, opening up the doors for rapid growth and expansion. Full episodes of podcasts can be transformed into countless short clips, each with the potential to go viral, which can then be used to draw a wider audience towards your social media channels. People also love sending short-form videos to their friends, giving you one more avenue for increased exposure. Check out our studio here and our in-house video podcast production The Canadian Dream Podcast here.
  • Do we offer photography services?
    Yes! We provide professional photos for websites, social media and marketing purposes. Most of our clients choose the packages that include photography services. We also offer group headshots and product photography at the Eyes Multimedia Studio at 226 - 1868 Glen Dr, Vancouver, BC V5T 4R1.
  • Do we offer live streaming services?
    Yes, we can livestream small- to medium-sized events in the Greater Vancouver Area and in Victoria. Our set up can have up to 3 cameras and microphones on the stage / on the speakers.
  • What is a video marketing strategy?
    For everything that we create, there’s a video marketing strategy designed to produce, curate and utilize videos to market products or services to specific target audiences. What are your goals? What story do you want to tell? Who is your target audience? What is your budget and timeline? These are a few of the questions we’ll go through to create your customized video strategy. This will help us reach the goals for sales, brand awareness and engagement.
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