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Raw Footage for US-based Company

In 2021, Seattle-based production company Unified Cinematic created a short documentary exploring the mission and facilities of Return Home, the world’s largest human composting facility.

Return Home is a green funeral home. The company provides a service called Terramation, the process of transforming human remains into life-giving soil, which loved ones can use to “plant a memorial garden, a grove of trees, or nurture land in need of revitalization.”

When Return Home hired him to create the film, Michael Poggenburg from Unified Cinematic knew he would need help to capture some footage and interviews in Abbotsford, BC. Poggenburg needed a local cinematographer who could not only emulate Unified Cinematic’s in-house style, but one that could communicate well with both himself and the client.

That’s when Poggenburg found Eyes Multimedia. “After speaking with Elton (founder), I was pretty certain that I had found the right partner on this project,” said Poggenburg. “He handled our initial conversations with ease, was well prepared and conducted the interviews exactly how I would have done.”

Since the film would explore a new technology and a sensitive topic, both film makers had to be mindful of how all the footage was presented to the public. Another concern that Poggenburg had was not being able to be physically present during the interviews that had to be captured.

We were able to address that concern by setting up a video call during the interviews, so that Poggenburg could speak with the interviewees live while the cameras were on.

The collaboration with Eyes Multimedia enabled Unified Cinematic to make this esoteric subject both compelling and approachable for a popular audience. Here is what the final video looks like.


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