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A video business card says everything about you in 3 minutes or less

In this case study, you'll learn about the most essential type of video for every business.

How often do you have to explain what your business is about? How many times have you had to answer the same questions from your prospect clients? Are there other people in your company who also have to do that over and over, perhaps every single day?

For many businesses, a video business card helps solve that problem once and for all. You can feature video business card featured on your website, email signature, Instagram and Facebook accounts, LinkedIn profile or even on screens in your office. Anyone who watches this video will learn:

  • What your business is about

  • What you offer

  • What’s special about you

A video business card, when done well, is your best salesperson working for you around the clock, offering the perfect pitch to every single lead that comes in. For that reason alone, it’s the first essential video marketing tool that we recommend for ANY type of business.

Fresh Direct Produce Inc. is a Vancouver-based company that imports and distributes fresh produce across Canada. You might never have heard of them, but chances are you have some fruits or vegetables in your house that were brought to your grocery store by them.

During the company’s 15th year in business, they took the opportunity to show their community and business partners what they were about. It was the first time they hired a production company to produce video marketing content, so we were happy to guide them every step of the way and create a 3-minute video within their budget.

Together with their Project Manager Ashley Kwan, the plan we created included:

  • the faces of key leaders in the company

  • their fleet and distribution centres in British Columbia and in Alberta

  • how their staff feels in that work environment

  • some stats demonstrating the company’s growth and success

  • their vision for the future

It took us four days of video shooting to capture all footage needed from multiple locations in Vancouver, Langley and Calgary. That also included interviews with staff members and aerial images of their fleet.

While most of the video is narrated by the interviewees, we hired a professional voice over artist to read a script that was used at the beginning and at the end of the video. Finally, we added licensed music and customized animations that are consistent with the company’s brand guidelines. That’s why the colours green and white stand out.

The final result is exactly what Ashley was hoping for: “The message we wanted to deliver to the public, including customers, suppliers, business partners, our staff and even our competitors, is now clearer. We used to have different messages scattered in pamphlets, our website, slide presentations etc. With this video, our core message is finally standardized in a focused and professional way.”

The video business card is an essential marketing tool for any type of business and it’s such a small investment considering the great return that it can bring to your company.


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