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All-inclusive media package for digital and print marketing

This is an example including video production, photography and targeted ad campaigns for Google and social media.

If you’re a business owner or a marketing manager, you might be familiar with outdated and inconsistent video content, unprofessional photography and endless searches for content files in folders and hard drives that no one seems able to find. You also might be struggling to find time or the right people to create Google and social media ads for your company.

Eyes Multimedia’s all-inclusive media package solves these problems in a time- and cost-efficient way. Let us explain how it works by sharing what we’ve done for Vancouver-based tour companies Discover Canada Tours and West Trek.

Last year, we put together a six-month plan to:

  • create videos and photos of their summer tours

  • store and manage those assets in an organized way

  • run their Google, Facebook and Instagram ads

After discussing the company’s goals, target audiences and key success metrics, we also decided which tours we would produce content for and what the final visual assets would be used for: website, social media, Google ads, presentations etc. Then we got started!

We traveled to the Rockies, Okanagan, Whistler, Tofino, Victoria and Seattle multiple times. In addition to the photos and videos captured during the tours, we also used footage from our own archive and purchased licensed stock footage to enhance the overall quality of the final products.

For every destination, a variety of videos were produced. That gave our clients the best format to use the videos effectively on different platforms: longer and wider for the website or shorter and square for Instagram, for example.

From the thousands of photos captured, hundreds were edited and provided in print and web resolution, in the original format and cropped as well as with and without the logo watermark.

As for the social media and Google ads, a detailed report was presented at the end of every month. In those meetings, the clients could track the success of their advertising campaign and get a clear idea of how those ads were converting.

How much did it all cost? What our clients spent on our entire plan is comparable to the salary for an in-house professional with less experience in video production, photography, social media and Google ads. With our all-inclusive media package, they were taken care of by a team of industry experts in each of these areas.

Here is what Sales Director Clint Drdul has to say about the experience working with us:


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