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Photos and videos for GUS Canada

When Global University Systems (GUS) Canada opened UCW’s new Vancouver House Campus, they needed film production that was both professional and reflected strong brand representation. That’s when Eyes Multimedia was hired to start producing video and photography content to showcase UCW’s campus and programs to students and partners from around the world.

Our work had to fit within the wider branding of GUS, recognized globally for the quality and practicality of its college programming. GUS owns and operates multiple private colleges across the globe. The company’s Canadian subsidiary operates six brands, including Trebas Institute, The Language Gallery, Toronto School of Management, Niagara College - Toronto, University Canada West (UCW), and Canadian College of Technology and Business (CCTB).

Teaming up with the UCW marketing director and communications director in Vancouver, BC, we created dozens of videos within the first year. We showcased the campus’ award-winning architecture, interviewed students and alumni, created social media advertisements and filmed informative videos for student orientation and online convocation ceremonies.

“The team makes people feel very comfortable in front of the camera. They pay attention to every detail from how you’re sitting, to how your clothes are positioned,” said GUS Canada’s CEO, Cyndi McLeod. “We were so impressed with the quality of work that now we have Eyes Multimedia working with all of our brands across GUS Canada.”

We believe that the main reason why Eyes Multimedia and GUS blend so well together is our mutual passion for education. Both companies empower students to pursue their dreams in their industry of choice. For several years, we’ve been working with several educational institutions across the globe, helping them expand and inspire their students through professional photography and video content.

“Eyes Multimedia aligns with the quality image that we're looking for and the goals and the values that we're instilling as a group of institutions across Canada,” said McLeod. “We’re extremely happy with the quality of work and the fact that they really understand the education sector.”


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