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Event photos, videos and live streaming

Events have made a comeback since the pandemic, and individuals and companies are ramping up their participation in various events.

At Eyes Multimedia, we understand that capturing the essence of events is crucial in promoting your brand and creating visibility for your business. We offer video packages for various events, including trade shows, symposiums, workshops, award ceremonies, graduations, open houses, and business parties.

Here are some of the video services we offer:

1. Highlights videos

Highlights videos are short, engaging videos that showcase the most exciting moments of an event. They are ideal for social media platforms and can help promote your event to a broader audience. Whether it's a product launch or a company conference, highlights videos can generate buzz and create a lasting impression.

2. Event video with interviews

Our event video with interviews is designed to capture not just the highlights of your event but also the story behind it. We interview key people, showcase the venue, and tell your story in a compelling way. This type of video is ideal for building rapport with your audience, explaining complex ideas, and creating a personal connection with your customers.

3. Photo gallery

Photos are an essential part of any event, and we understand that. Our photos are curated, edited, and available within 48 hours of the event. They are uploaded to a clean photo gallery that the client can download and forward to whoever they want. Our photo gallery service is an excellent way to keep the memories of your event alive.

4. Live streaming

The pandemic might be over, but remote work and virtual attendance are here to stay. For small- to medium-sized events, we offer live video streaming services. Our packages include up to 3 cameras and audio, ensuring that your virtual audience gets the best possible experience. With our live streaming services, you can reach a broader audience and create more engagement.

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Our event packages start at $3,000. The videos include licensed music, logo animation and unlimited reviews to ensure our satisfaction with the final product. We’re also happy to help you customize your own YouTube channel and to guide you on how to boost your videos on social media.


Whatever your specific needs are, we have the right package for you. Contact us at or fill out our Discovery Form today.


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