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Photos and Videos for Trebas Institute

With campuses in Montreal and Toronto, Trebas Institute offers programs in Audio, Film and Entertainment Management for young, creative individuals from countries across the globe. The college is known for its experienced instructors, some of whom have done work for industry giants like HBO, MTV, Pixar, and TIFF.

Recently, Trebas rebranded itself in order to encompass both the quality of their programs and the expertise of their faculty in a bid to reach more students. During that process, Amos Znamirowski, Marketing Director, saw the need for new visual content to match the new brand and represent a college devoted to the colourful industry of entertainment.

“We needed great content to reflect the right emotional connection along with our positioning,” he said. “Good visual content is worth a thousand words.” Through a recommendation, Znamirowski got in touch with Eyes Multimedia and we started putting a plan together. The goal was to film student and alumni testimonials, develop virtual tours that showcased the campus and programs, and create a range of photo content for their website, social media, brochures, and presentations.

Kalman Szegvary, filmmaker and department head of Film and Television Production, had his own concerns about working with Eyes Multimedia. “Being in the film production industry myself, I was a little reluctant to accept this new crew on the campus,” he said. “But what happened when they arrived on campus was quite exceptional and eye opening.”

Once everything was set up in a way that did not disrupt the day-to-day of staff and students, production on their Toronto campus began. The team captured dynamic footage of film students holding cameras, music students singing, and audio students at mixing consoles. They ensured that each person on camera felt confident and comfortable with the process.

“They had a definite interest in making our campus more dynamic. They took time to make all the various pockets shine,” said Szegvary. “For me, as a filmmaker, this aspect made me feel really confident that the materials were going to look dynamic and that we could be proud of them.”

Noah Mullins, Student Services Coordinator, found that the team was well organized and detail oriented. “The amount of prep time and work they put into setting up every shot, every single scene was impressive to say the least,” he said. “They used all sorts of different lighting and arrangements to make sure everything looked good.”

Mohamed Slimani, VP of Operations, was thrilled with the result. “When Eyes Multimedia is working with employees, they feel very confident. It’s very easy to connect with the crew.”

Marketing Director Amos Znamirowski agreed: “Elton is a trouble shooter. Eyes Multimedia is easy to communicate with and very responsive and well organized. The result is impeccable.”

Here you can watch some of the videos created for Trebas Institute Toronto:


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