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Summarizing 30 years in 3 minutes

This case study shows how your audience can learn about your company's journey in an engaging video.

Telling your story with engaging videos is one of the best ways to spread the word about your business or organization. That’s what we set out to do for the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT) for the celebration of their 30th anniversary.

During our first meeting, they explained how they connect students with colleges and universities from across the province. BCCAT has impacted thousands of young adults by providing mobility, inclusiveness and opportunities to access to education in British Columbia.

With that in mind, we started planning a video that would tell BCCAT’s 3-decade journey through the eyes of individuals who have actually been a part of that story. Here is the final result:

At Eyes Multimedia, we are experts in producing powerful video content with interviews. During the past ten years, we’ve captured over 1,200 interviews on camera.

Many of those were for the education industry, including colleges, universities, ESL schools, private schools and government agencies such as BCCAT, Vancouver School Board, Work BC and SET BC.

Every company has a unique story and we’d love to tell yours.


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