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Video as a sales tool for construction

In this case study, you'll see how one video can better describe your product and help you sell it.

The business owners and skilled professionals in the trades industry who invest in their brand profile, including videos and photos, have an edge in the market. Nusens Niche Contracting Services is a great example.

Nusens handles niche needs within contracting and construction across Canada. They were able to develop a new way to install ceiling containment systems that was faster and saved their clients a lot of money. They were met with skepticism and that led them to decide to prove once and for all that they knew what they were doing.

They booked a supervised fire test in Coquitlam, BC, and hired Eyes Multimedia to film that. Their request was to simply captured the fire test so they had visual proof to go with the final reports that showed the verdict. Here’s the final video:

We took the opportunity to create a powerful sales tool for the company. We produced a mix of a video business card (explaining who they are and what’s special about them) and product video (describing and showing the highlights of a product/service).

Video production included filming with multiple cameras, voice over, licensed soundtrack and visual effects. We also offered as many reviews as requested at no additional cost - something that we’re proud to offer to all clients to ensure satisfaction.

Investing in this type of video would be able to generate a worthwhile return with sales generated after prospect clients watched the video. The experience was so positive that we were invited over to Toronto for a bigger project afterwards. Here are some photos of that.


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