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Photography and video production for high schools in Canada

In this case study, you’ll learn about two projects involving photos and video services to promote high school programs in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.

Last year, Eyes Multimedia was invited to work with two different clients that have a lot in common. Both are in the education field and offer programs to students around the same age on Canada’s West Coast.

For these and other similarities, we used a similar approach that fit budget to create professional visual content for their website, social media, brochures and presentations.

Case 1: Brookes Westshore’s new campus in Victoria, BC

Let’s start with Brookes Education Group, a global network of International Baccalaureate (IB) schools serving over 1,400 students across six countries. One of those select schools is Brookes Westshore in Victoria, British Columbia.

Brookes Westshore recently moved to a brand-new campus to better serve its population of approximately 300 students. Half of them are Canadian day students, while the other half are boarding students from over 21 different nationalities.

Our goal was to promote that new campus and showcase all elements that are important for prospect students and their parents when making such an important decision in their lives.

We worked collaboratively with their Marketing team to develop a photography and video production plan including:

  • one video business card with interviews

  • one short video with narration

  • video footage of the school and surroundings

  • photos of the school and surroundings

  • aerial photos and video footage of the campus and surroundings

  • photos and video footage of the graduation

The first item is a video business card with 3.5 minutes of length. It explains what Brookes Westshore is, where it is located, what it offers to their clients and everything else that makes it such a special place for students from all over the world. Here is the final result:

The second video is 2 minutes long and has narration instead of interviews:

And here are some of the photographs captured for Brookes Westshore.

All the visual assets that we’ve created have been used by Brookes Education Group to promote their school in Victoria on their website, social media, brochures and presentations.

Director of Recruitment Martin Staffolani says: “Our marketing campaigns at Brookes Westshore have shown an interest increase in our programs in more than 50% when they watched their videos, so it has been by far the best return on investment.”

CASE 2: CISS’ Summer Camp in Vancouver, BC

Canadian International Student Services Inc (CISS) is a Toronto-based company that offers summer camp, high school, and year-round English and French language study experiences for children, teens, and adults from all over the world.

We got hired to capture and produce visual assets to promote CISS’s summer camp program at Capilano University in North Vancouver. Our package for CISS included:

  • one video about the program with student testimonials

  • one highlight video of the program

  • video footage of the school, residence and several activities

  • 300 photos in high resolution

  • aerial photos and video footage of the residence

Check out the final results:


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