Let's create the right video strategy for your business 


An essential tool for any type of business because it:

  • Establishes an immediate connection with your audience.

  • Explains what you do.

  • Showcases your facilities and products or services.

  • Shows what makes you special.

  • Saves you tons of time.


An effective way to establish trust with your customers and ramp up your sales. Video testimonials can:

  • Generate empathy.

  • Have a contagious effect.

  • Show what words or photographs can't.

  • Sell for you.

  • Penetrate unchartered markets.


High-quality event videos show the value of your brand and are a powerful tool to create targeted advertising and generate buzz. Our event videos:

  • Tell a story from beginning to end.

  • Include interviews with good sound.

  • Include filming, editing, music and logo animations for a flat fee.

  • Help you get the budget for future events.


An essential tool for any company that sells tours and experiences because they:

  • Show what text and photos can't describe.

  • Synchronize expectations and reality.

  • Increase perceived value of your services.

  • Save your sales team time and costs of print material.

  • Put you ahead of competition.

  • Become shareable content for social media.


A straightforward way to increase efficiency by:

  • Saving you tons of time.

  • Making learning more interesting.

  • Eliminating the need for repetition.

  • Eliminating distance barriers.

  • Generating passive income.


Conceptualization, production and post production of real-life stories both for businesses and broadcasters. A series can be used:

  • To create a community for your brand.

  • To share stories in an engaging way.

  • To create content for your channel and social media.

  • To bring awareness to important causes.

"Elton was extremely professional throughout the process and was a great coach along the way. We are very happy with the final product."

Heather Mutter

Coordinator, Seniors Services City of Richmond, BC

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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